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The decision to work with a triathlon coach is something that many athletes will consider at one time or another. Whether you are completely new to triathlon and need guidance while training towards your first race. Or you are a seasoned athlete who wants to reach their full potential and perform at a higher level. It can be very beneficial to seek out professional support to progress in your sport.

Some of the reasons to consider a triathlon coach are…

Bespoke, Tailored Training Plan

One of the main benefits of being coached is having a training plan which is customised to your own unique goals, strengths, weaknesses and lifestyle. There are lots of training plans available online and in magazines, but they will be very generic and usually will not meet an individual’s needs.

Feedback And Guidance

When you are self-coached, it’s impossible to get any kind of feedback on your training. A coach will provide objective feedback and constructive criticism whilst thinking about the big picture. A coach is are also there when you need a second opinion or need further clarification and advice on your training.


Having someone to be accountable to can make a huge difference in making progress towards your goals. It’s easy to skip a workout when we are only accountable to ourselves, but knowing that you have to check in with your coach provides extra motivation to stick to a training plan.

Expertise And Experience

A triathlon coach will have a wealth of knowledge on many aspects of triathlon including injury prevention, nutrition, hydration, strength and conditioning. Take advantage of the expertise and utilise it to help you improve. Having a coach give you feedback on your running form or swimming technique can highlight the areas which you wouldn’t pick up on otherwise.

Time Management

Many triathletes are juggling training alongside other commitments and responsibilities, so maximising available time is important. A coach will create a plan which prioritises quality over quantity- every workout has a purpose and no time is wasted to junk miles.

Rest And Recovery

As well as pushing you to complete tough workouts, a coach will also ensure you rest and recover sufficiently. Many of us find it hard to take time off, it’s considered lazy or weak to ease back from training. A coach will schedule in rest days before fatigue sets in and creates burnout.

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