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Doing anything well is hard, bloody hard, finding perfection is even harder. Not everyone will take everything that is thrown at them to get to where their dreams want to take them and to make it. If you truly want it you need to stop looking for the secret, the shortcut or the hack, they don't exist and looking for them will only get in your way.
Instead you need to commit to the process, go all in every day. You need to welcome the pressure and adversity that is thrown at you every day. Forget what other people think, don't do it for Instagram, do it behind closed doors when no ones watching because you want to do it.
If you can change your mindset and forget about the results and what others are doing, and learn to focus on how you can be your best I promise this will equal success. I can't promise you'll win you AG at Kona or a medal at the World's because not many do, but what I can promise is you'll succeed.
There are no secrets, no short cuts no hacks, there never will be, Racing Triathlon is hard, always has been always will be.


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