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Ben Matthews

I cannot thank you enough for all your help and guidance in getting me conditioned to finish this event. Truly the hardest thing I've ever done, and also the most rewarding. Running down that red carpet was just something else.... I want more of it! I've got to do another one. 

I know this one has only just finished, but I really want to build on the hard work that's been put in, and get faster and stronger for the next one, whether that be Bolton again or somewhere different. 

The bodies not felt too bad these past few days. Sore quads, stiff neck, a random wrist pain, a sore second toe of my left foot, a chaffed neck, and some random cuts in odd places! Generally I'm feeling great though. Have enjoyed the past couple of days training, and appreciate the gentle path back into things.

We've got the Duathlon up next. A local sprint tri in September. Then I wanna get my head down and get better at everything. If you can continue to help me along that path I'd be very grateful.

Thanks again mate for everything. I genuinely would not of even got to the start line without you, and would not of experienced the greatest sporting day of my life.



Never Felt so Fit, Never Felt so Strong

iwilltriathloncoaching has changed my training no end, I feel supported, I have someone in my corner and most of all, I know I have someone keeping an eye on me.

This is all new to me, I am a complete novice but having a coach is priceless.


Michelle and Sam enjoying that finish line feel of their first ever triathlon


Guy and Anne went in the space of 12 months from the dream of an Ironman to crossing that cherished finish line at Ironman Austria


Chris, from playing football with his mates, committed to complete an Ironman, and is still going several Ironman and 70.3 events later

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